About SLSA
The St. Louis Soaring Association is a non-profit club formed in 1940 to promote the sport of soaring in the St Louis area. We currently have 71 active members who fly sailplanes and volunteer to keep our airport, hangars, clubhouse, two tow planes, and nine club sailplanes in operation. Our club is a chapter of the Soaring Society of America.

Several of our members privately own sailplanes as well and utilize club hangar space and tow planes.

What Is a Sailplane?
A sailplane is a very efficient glider that stays aloft by seeking out natural sources of rising air currents. A glider is towed behind a tow plane to a starting altitude of usually 3000 ft above ground at which point the glider releases from the tow line and flies independently.

There are several types of natural lift which a glider may utilize. The type used in the St. Louis area is called a thermal. Thermals are relatively warm air pockets which rise due to convective circulation near the earth's surface as a result of solar heating. If conditions are good, a single flight may last for hours and cover hundreds of miles utilizing this natural air circulation.

Want To Fly Sailplanes?
All glider pilots in the United States are certified by the FAA and undergo similar training and certification as a power pilot.

If you would like to try the exciting sport of soaring, you may go for a glider ride with one of our FAA commercially-certified glider pilots. If you are interested in becoming a glider pilot, SLSA provides instruction to club members.